RunFaster OV

Run Faster is a 2D split-screen local multiplayer survival and competitive game. With one player running from the hungry for blood counterpart, both players must be tactically smart and execute with no mercy, for both of the players will be fully aware of each other's gameplay. Don't forget! Things can get heated fast, as you will be seated right next to your nemesis!

The Monster is hungry and its starting to slowly consume itself. But wait, is that a Runner on the lose? You bet! The Monster must reach the Runner before the Runner escape your turf, and before you completely digest yourself! Stay clear, focused, and hungry, and utilize your abilities and your surroundings to dominate your playground!

The Runner must activate generators to activate the exits while staying out of the Monster's kill zone, and reach the exit before the Runner's own health runs out. But worry not. There are tricks and gadgets to help you through your nightmare!

A new released edition that features:

- A simplified and casual arcade mode

- A more sophisticated and more competitive 2 player local split-screen campaign mode 

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